All Advisers Meetings

Each Autumn and Spring quarter, there is a campus-wide meeting for all advisers on the UW Seattle campus. These meetings are planned by members of the Academic Affairs and Advising Deans and Directors Group, along with representatives from AEP and APAC. Contact Michaelann Jundt with questions or ideas.  

Next meeting will be in Spring 2024

Previous All Advisers Meetings

Spring 2024

Zoom recording

Autumn 2023

Zoom recording

Spring 2023

Zoom recording

Fall 2021

Zoom recording
Presentation slides

  • Admissions updates
  • Back to campus updates
  • Back to in-person learning updates

Spring 2021

Zoom recording

Fall 2020

Zoom recording
Presentation slides
Mental health slides
Advising in the remote environment themes

  • Summary of Undergraduate Enrollment for UW Seattle Campus
  • Mental health updates

Spring 2020 - meeting canceled 

Fall 2019

Presentation slides

  • Summary of Undergraduate Enrollment for UW Seattle Campus
  • Transfer Work Update
  • Exploring Major Alternatives for Transfer Students

Spring 2019

Presentation slides

  • Summary of Strategic Enrollment Management Working Groups
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Technology, Data, Advising

Autumn 2018

A conversation with deans about the factors influencing enrollment changes, including “direct to” admissions.

  • Panelists: Bob Stacey (College of Arts and Sciences), Brian Fabian (College of Engineering), Dan Grossman (Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Moderator: Ed Taylor, Dean and Vice Provost, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Spring 2018

Update and recommendations from the EARS working group and the Power of Social Capital by Dr. Christina Fong, Foster School of Business.

EARS Note Guidelines
The Power of Social Capital
The Power of Social Capital handout

Autumn 2017

Sharing Information about Students - Dr. Helen Garret, Registrar and Dr. Ellen Taylor, Student Life

Student Information Sharing
EARS Working Group

Spring 2017

Identifying, Reaching out to, and Supporting Students in Crisis

  • Panelists from Health & Wellness, Safe Campus, the Counseling Center, Disability Resources for Students, and Leadership Without Borders

Autumn 2016

Conversation with Provost Jerry Baldasty

Spring 2016

The Profession of Advising: roles, responsibilities, and career trajectories