Our advisers can help you identify barriers to your academic success and connect you with resources to overcome challenges you may face as a student.  Below are resources to help you academically and personally as you pursue your studies here at UW.

Where do I find help?

There is a myriad of obstacles one might face in college.  Click here to find a list of common challenges and resources to deal with those challenges.

I'm struggling with my academics, what can I do?

If your challenges are related to academic performance, either generally or with a particular subject area, there are resources to help.  Please visit the Academic Support Program website for help in both areas.

I am unsure of my academic path, who do I talk with?

Meet with an adviser to discover ways to make the most of your time earning a degree.  Find help in choosing a major, selecting classes and engaging in experiential learning.  Advising guides can also help you start to explore your interests, get involved, and set goals for a meaningful first year.