Who are advisers and what do they do?

Our general advisers help students plan and shape their undergraduate experience at the UW. In addition to assistance with tasks such as choosing a major and planning course schedules, advisers engage in a broader dialogue with individual students to better clarify their academic and personal goals.

As educators, advisers emphasize the core skills of critical thinking and decision-making, and the value of broad exposure to a diversity of perspectives. 

Who is my adviser?

Most incoming students are assigned to one of our advisers through Advising & Orientation. Your assigned adviser is available for you to schedule appointments with. 

Other advising services at the UW include Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD) Counseling ServicesStudent-Athlete Academic Services and the University Honors Program. As you start to narrow down your choice of majors, or if you're already declared, you will want to start meeting with department advisers.

General advising

General advisers have expertise spanning the whole university. Until you declare a major you might primarily work with general advisers. They can help you:

College and departmental advising

College and department advisers have specialized knowledge of their specific area of the university. As you start to narrow down your choice of majors, you will want to meet with the college and department advisers for those majors for program planning and preparing your application for admission to the major. College and department advisers can also connect you with opportunities such as internships & undergraduate research, scholarships, new and one-time course offerings, and special departmental events.

Advising Guides

Advising Guides can help you craft an undergraduate experience that is meaningful to you. These guides are designed to help you reflect on your goals and interests, while navigating the various academic and co-curricular opportunities available to you.