Reinstatement for College of Arts & Sciences

I've been dropped for low scholarship and I want to petition for reinstatement. 

It is in your best interest to begin working with an adviser as soon as possible, as there may be multiple steps that must be completed before your petition is given to the Reinstatement Committee for consideration. Note: This process is only for students declared in the College of Arts & Sciences, or in pre-majors. If your major is in a different school or college, you will need to contact your college or school to learn more about your next steps. 

Step 1 : Self-reflection
  • The Reinstatement Committee will be looking for evidence that you have identified the causes that led to your academic difficulties.  A petition which demonstrates a mature assessment of problems and concrete changes in behavior has a better chance of being considered seriously. 
  • You also need to reflect on the major(s) that you are in or working towards, so that you can show an understanding of the issues specific to that pathway which will need to be changed or improved. 
  • Finally, reflect on whether or not this is the best time to return to the University.  Some students are more successful academically after having addressed and resolved issues like: health, work/life balance, finances, family issues, and maturity.
Step 2: Complete the Returning Student Process (if needed)
  • This applies to you if you have been absent for more than one quarter from the University (excluding Summer Quarter). 
  • Review the Returning Student Process website for submission deadlines, re-enrollment process, and readmission criteria.
  • Note that the re-enrollment process takes about two months to complete and this may impact the quarter you hope to be reinstated.  Carefully review the re-enrollment deadlines for specific quarters as well as the Checklist to Re-Enroll
  • Complete and submit the Returning Student Form found on the Returning Student Process website.
Step 3: Contact reinstatement advisers
  • If you have not yet declared a major or have a major in a program located in the College of Arts & Sciences:
    Contact an adviser in UAA Advising, an adviser for the major you wish to declare, or an adviser for the major in which you are currently declared. 
  • If you have not yet declared a major and are affiliated with EOP, SSS, or CAMP:
    Contact the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Counseling Services.
  • If you have a major outside the College of Arts & Sciences:
    Contact your departmental adviser to find out the process for your college or school.
Step 4: Your reinstatement advising meeting
  • Discuss the process of reinstatement, what you are required to prepare, and what steps have to be taken.
  • Determine if this is a reasonable time for your reinstatement, or if it is better to wait for a quarter or so before petitioning.
  • Talk through your plans for the personal statement.
  • Identify administrative or financial issues that may have to be addressed before you can be reinstated or re-enrolled (e.g. Hardship Withdrawal, financial aid, registration holds, visa issues, residency issues, etc.  See Below.)
  • Discuss whether or not you will need to meet multiple times with an adviser or advisers to create a more successful petition.
Step 5: Major and course-plan advising with departmental or general adviser

*Note: This may involve meeting a second time with the same adviser in Step 3, or meeting with an additional adviser in your intended department.

  • Develop a course plan for your primary interest major.
  • If your intended major is capacity-constrained, develop a realistic back-up course plan for a non-capacity-constrained major. 
  • Get the approval signature of the adviser on your course plan or plans.
Step 6: Write your personal statement
  • Prepare a printed statements in 750 words or less. Your statement should include answers to each of the following questions: 
    • Identify the barriers to your academic success.  Be specific. 
    • What are the behaviors and circumstances that you have already changed or that you plan to change so that your academic success improves? Be specific. For example, "trying harder" is not a behavior change. 
    • What are at least three things you can do that will specifically improve your course work and/or study habits?
    • Discuss the course of study you would like to take in a College of Arts & Sciences major when you return to the UW. This is not asking about your career goals, but rather about how you will proceed in a major that will provide you with a reasonable chance of admission and of successful completion.  If you are interested in a capacity-constrained major, it will be harder for the Committee to consider your readmission unless you also outline a back-up major.  If you are already in a major, then you should be focusing on what are a reasonable set of courses that you can successfully complete in your specific circumstances.
    • If you have applied for a Hardship Withdrawal please state that in the petition along with the quarters or classes for which you are applying.
Step 7: Submit your application

Petition Form

  • Talk with your adviser before including any additional pieces of documentation beyond what is required.  Completed petition will include:
    • Completed petition form.
    • Printed personal statement answering all of the prompts and questions.
    • Course plan(s) realistic to your current situation, and signed by an adviser.
    • Copy of all transcript(s) from coursework taken elsewhere since you were dropped from the UW.
      • If you are currently attending another college, submit a copy of your current class schedule, and evidence of success if possible (such as a note from an instructor). 
  • Submit the completed application to your adviser by 10AM of the day before the next Reinstatement Committee meeting.
  • The adviser will turn it in to the Reinstatement Committee.

If you are reinstated, you must get a quarterly grade point average of at least 2.0 in each quarter until your overall cumulative UW GPA is above 2.0.  Failure to maintain the 2.0 quarterly GPA will result in being dropped again.  You will remain on academic probation for each quarter that your UW cumulative GPA stays below 2.0.

Pre-majors, College of Arts & Sciences majors, and EOP, SSS, and CAMP affiliates all use the same petition form.

Petition Form


I've been dropped from the UW 
for low scholarship
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What do I do?
[Not supported by viewer]
Submit a petition for reinstatement
<font face="Tahoma">Submit a petition for reinstatement</font><br>
Take time away from UW. I can submit a reinstatement petition in the future.
[Not supported by viewer]
I start the next quarter on 
Academic Probation
[Not supported by viewer]
I am no longer on Academic Probation. 
I return to good academic standing.
[Not supported by viewer]
I raised my CUM GPA to 2.00 or higher 
in my next quarter
[Not supported by viewer]
Was my petition approved?
<font face="Tahoma">Was my petition approved?</font><br>
I didn't raise my CUM GPA to 2.00 but my quarter GPA was 2.00 or higher 
in my next quarter
[Not supported by viewer]
I'll continue on Academic Probation until 
I raise my CUM GPA to 2.00 or higher
[Not supported by viewer]
I didn't raise my CUM GPA to 2.00 
and my quarter GPA was lower 
than 2.00 in my next quarter
[Not supported by viewer]
I'll be dropped from the UW 
for low scholarship
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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I submit my reinstatement petition?

Petitions can be turned in at any time, but due to when students are dropped from their classes and when faculty are willing to add students to their classes, there are deadlines for the last possible time to have your reinstatement considered.

  • For Autumn Quarter, reinstatement petitions must be submitted by 10 a.m. the Wednesday prior to the quarter starting. 
  • For Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarters, reinstatement petitions must be submitted no later than 10 a.m. the second day of the quarter.

EARLY SUBMISSION IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Students will be notified of the decision within one week of the meeting. Results will be sent to your official UW email account. Check in with your adviser if you have questions. 

What else do I need to consider before re-enrolling? 

Being successfully reinstated to the University may be only one part of the processes you need to complete to be able to re-enroll and register for classes.  The following are some of the related issues that may pertain to your specific situation.  Please discuss these with your adviser(s).

  • Returning Student Reenrollment Process
  • Send official transcripts from all other institutions attended since you were last here
  • Take care of Incomplete removals, X grades, and grade changes
  • Work with the Financial Aid Office to ensure appropriate funding upon return
  • Clear outstanding financial obligations to UW
  • Clear any holds on your account
  • Submit Hardship Withdrawal, if relevant
  • Submit Residency Questionnaire to the Office of the University Registrar, if relevant. Please note this could take 4-6 weeks to be reviewed
  • Update your address and contact information with the Office of the University Registrar
  • Talk with your ISS Counselor at UW and clarify any visa issues