Academic Affairs and Advising Deans and Directors (ADD)

Academic Affairs and Advising Deans and Directors (ADD) Meeting 

The University of Washington is a highly decentralized campus. The Academic Affairs and Advising Deans and Directors Meeting is a self-organized group that comes together to share information and best practices and coordinate across colleges/schools. The group meets regularly to support their roles/functions, which for most of the members, includes advising but also a larger portfolio of student services, policies, and other responsibilities. The goals of the monthly meetings include the following:

  • Share information and coordinate efforts while identifying opportunities for collaboration.

  • Benchmark best practices across campus.

  • Serve as a resource to campus partners to provide feedback on student policies.

The ADD meeting is not an official council/committee/governing body that was appointed as a representative body. They are not elected and they do not vote. Rather, they serve as a community of practice.


The meetings take place the first Monday of each month from 3pm – 4:30pm.  If you have a topic to discuss with the group please reach out to the facilitator. Meeting topics range based on the time of year, current needs/issues, etc. Connect with  a member of the group if you would like to inquire about a topic that was discussed. 

Facilitator: Daniel S. Feetham, UAA Advising Executive Director


  • Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering: Crystal Eney

  • College of Arts & Sciences: Cynthia Caci, Kevin Mihata

  • College of Education: Martin Howell

  • College of Engineering:  Shanai Lechtenberg, Charlotte Goddard

  • College of the Environment: Michelle R. Hall

  • Foster School of Business: Vikki H. Day

  • The Information School: Wendie Phillips

  • School of Public Health: Joe Harper Kowalczyk, Juanita M Ricks

  • School of Social Work: Lin Murdock

  • Student Athlete Academic Services: Robyn Sutherland

  • Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity: Kristian Wiles

  • Undergraduate Academic Affairs: Michaelann Jundt, Daniel Feetham, LeAnne Jones Wiles

  • University Registrar: Denise Lynch, Helen B. Garrett, Tina Miller

2020 Meeting Topics

  1. January - Staffing Updates; Disability Services, ADA Websites  

  2. February - FCAS Updates ; Disability Services, Religious Accommodations; Advising Loads

  3. March - Annual Drop; Spring All Advisers Mtg; FCAS; Coronavirus Planning 

  4. April - Hardship Withdrawal; Program Updates 

  5. May - Advising Town Hall; Meeting Membership; Retention Strategies 

  6. June - Back to Work/School Recommendations; Space in Classes; Adv. Community 

  7. July - Remote A&O

  8. August - Meeting Cancelled 

  9. September - Communities of Practice; Bias Reporting Tool, Student Advisory Councils 

  10. October -  Current Quarter Drop Adviser Trainings; All Adviser Mtgs; Strategic Planning 

  11. November - Academic Planning Worksheets; Scholarship processes and communication; Remote advising resources

  12. December - W-Petitions; Capacity Constrained departments denial workshops; DIV requirement; Data Science options