This class provides spring quarter, first year students with an opportunity to reflect on their first year, while providing tangible, and proactive opportunities to prepare for a meaningful second year and beyond.

Students will have an opportunity to engage with advisers, faculty, and alumni as they reflect on academic and co-curricular plans and begin to build a personal UW experience. Participation in lecture and quiz sections will allow students to connect with one another as they prepare for their second year at UW.

Course Topics 
  • Values and Decision Making
  • Co-Curricular Engagement
  • Major Exploration/Course Mapping
  • Career and Internship Exploration
  • Networking 
  • Alumni and Faculty Connection
Learning Outcomes
  • Examine goals, values, influences, and interests

  • Develop a strategic course of study for your second year and beyond 

  • Develop strategies for major exploration and for applying to majors

  • Develop a deeper understanding of non-linear academic and career pathways 

  • Learn how to build and leverage your networks

  • Reflect on the purpose of co-curricular engagement and begin to map future involvement

Student Reviews

"Before taking this class, I had many concerns about my careers in UW. Although there are plethora of resources offered to students, I was perplexed and was procrastinating little bit. However, GEN ST 297 gave me an direction as to show me what to start with."

"I really enjoyed discovering my paths for my major, as well as jobs and internships. It’s really exciting to have a more concrete idea of what I want to do and how to get there."

"I’ve gained resources and knowledge about my second year (as well as my entire college path), most of which I did not know at the start of this class. Additionally, I’ve planned/mapped out a lot of my schedule, timing, and future plans throughout this course, which is something I hadn’t done at this level before."

"The environment of this course helped it not feel like a stressful course I had to get through. I was genuinely excited to go to class most days."