Many students at the University of Washington hope to pursue one or more global experiences during their undergraduate career.

This course provides first year students with an opportunity to reflect and prepare for global engagement opportunities (study abroad, internships, research, etc.).

Students will have an opportunity to engage with faculty, alumni, and current students as they reflect on their curiosities and begin to explore and plan ways to build a global husky experience. This class is co-taught by Kyla Mayer, Associate Director in UAA Advising, and Stephen Meyers, Associate Professor in JSIS and LSJ, and Director of the Center for Global Studies. 

 100% of students who took the class last year would recommend it to another student. Click here to view additional student testimonials.

Course Topics 
  • Why global engagement matters
  • Global engagement ethics 
  • Study abroad exploration and planning (you will have a study abroad application and plan ready to go by the end of the quarter!)
  • Planning for global research and internships 
  • Networking with current students, faculty, alumni, and community partners
  • Applying to and funding global experiences
  • Post graduation global opportunities
Learning Outcomes
  • Develop a deeper understanding of global engagement and why it is important 

  • Reflect on the purpose of high impact engagement and begin to map future involvement 

  • Examine goals, values, influences, and interests as guiding factors in global experiences

  • Develop strategies for major/career exploration