Co-curricular engagement

Why Engage in Co-Curricular Learning? At the University of Washington your Husky Experience will be a mix of academic and co-curriculuar experiences crafted to fit your interests and goals. Some of your most enriching experiences at the UW may take place outside of the classroom and beyond your formal academic curriculum. Your personal growth and academic interests will converge in a variety of co-curricular opportunities across campus aimed to help you connect what you're learning in your coursework with real world application. With so many ways to engage, your challenge will be to decide where to start.

Undergraduate Research 

Undergraduate research at the University of Washington occurs in each discipline across our vast academic programs. Engaging in research can help you connect with faculty, learn about the interdisciplinary nature of academic pathways, explore academic interests, and develop tangible skill sets. Many students get involved in research before they are even in a major! 

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Community Engagement

Engaging with campus and local communities not only provides opportunities for personal growth and development, but also helps you form a supportive community of friends and collegaues here on campus. We encourage you to join more than one community and explore options beyond your academic interests.

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International Experience

An international experience enhances your leadership competencies, and cross-cultural communication and awareness. Additionally, you gain exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives that transform you into an engaged and informed global citizen. At the University of Washington there are many ways to engage in an international experience both locally and globally.

International Engagement at UW

Work Experience & Internships

Work experience outside of the classroom is a key way to develop tangible skills and test career hypotheses to prepare for life after UW. Work and internship experience (paid or unpaid) allows you to hone your leadership skills, develop your resume, and improve your critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and practical competence. 

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Service Learning & Volunteering

Participating in service learning and volunteering activities allows you to apply your learning to real life scenarios. When engaging with the local community you implement real life skills such as empathy, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and civic participation. 

Service Learning & Volunteering Opportunities